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Parker Lady Duofold in hard rubber. 1924.

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The Parker Lady Duofold was introduced, along with the Duofold Junior, in 1922, a year after the first Duofolds were produced.  The Lady was the same length as the Junior but was a slimmer pen.

Black hard rubber pens, such as this one, were added to the successful red model in 1923, the nib imprint on this pen was only used during 1924.  By 1926 Duofolds were no longer made in hard rubber but 'Permanite', an early plastic material.

The pen has been restored and is in excellent condition throughout.  It has an excellent surface with no discernible barrel imprint and shows no signs of the 'browning' so often associated with hard rubber pens.  The wide cap band is not hallmarked so is probably rolled Gold, although it shows no brassing.  The nib is 14Ct. Gold and is supported by the correct 'Christmas tree', or 'spear' feed, as it was originally known.

At 11.7 cm. capped and 14.7cm. with the cap posted on the barrel for use, the pen is a decent size, much longer than the later 'Lady' models.  The 'chatelaine ring' was intended as a device to allow the pen to be attached to a sash worn by the 'housekeeper', although the term was generally used for the house owner's wife rather than a paid employee.  A high quality and 'ultra modern' pen would have been a symbol of status.

The pen is a button filler, it is quick and efficient, taking up a good volume of ink with one operation.  The 14Ct. Gold nib has a stub profile, offering line variation due to difference in width between the vertical and horizontal strokes.

At a hundred years old this is a remarkable pen.  Hard rubber Duofolds are increasingly difficult to find and one in such exceptional condition comes along very rarely.