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Parker Lady Duofold Streamlined

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The Parker Lady Duofold streamlined version was added to the Duofold line in 1929 to replace the 'flat top' design which was now considered to be outdated.  This pen is a 'Lady', although it was not imprinted as such at the time, the chatelaine ring and small size clearly indicated the intended market.

The pen is finished in black with twin Gold filled cap rings and a ring top.  It is a button filler, the filling system has been overhauled and it fills easily with just one press on the button.  The pen has been conservatively restored and is in very good condition with only light usage marks.

The pen is imprinted as made in Canada, with an English 14 Ct. Gold Duofold nib.  This is not at all unusual as most of the output from the Canadian factory was sent to England for assembly and distribution.

The pen is probably more suited to being used with the cap posted as it is more comfortable for the average, or larger sized hand in this configuration.  It has a solid, high quality feel and the nib writes with a smooth, consistent fine line, well suited to the pen.  It would make a very good every day vintage writer.