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Parker Lady Set. Boxed with chalk marks.

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The Parker '17' Lady was introduced into the Parker Duofold line in 1964 and replaced with the Parker Lady Standard, this pen, in 1968.  The same year the pen was redesigned to include a Parker 45 style clip and a cap band at the very end of the cap which extended inside the cap.

The set can be fairly accurately dated to 1968/1969.  The Lady Standard was introduced late in 1968 and dual pricing, showing the price in 'old currency' along with the decimal equivalent was used on chalk marks throughout 1970, prior to 'decimal day' in February 1971.  The chalk marks on this set only show the prices in pounds, shillings, and pence. 

This set is a fine example.  The previous Lady model had a different style clip so the Lady Standard was paired with a Parker 45 pencil as it had a matching clip.  The set is finished in red, with Gold filled 'Arrow' clips and cap bands, it has an excellent surface and gold filling. The Lady Standard was not barrel imprinted but, unlike the previous models, it had the Parker name stamped on the cap.

The set is in remarkable condition throughout, and in perfect working order.  The 'chalk marks' are clear and complete.  These marks are very fragile and wear off very quickly as the pen is handled so complete marks are a good sign of very little use, the ink sac is also only very lightly stained. 

The Parker box is probably original and is in good condition, although there is light staining in the recesses.  The instruction leaflet is pristine. 

For an aspiring collector the Parker Lady is a good starting point.  There are only four colours: Black, Blue, Red and Green, and three main models so a complete collection is twelve pens.  This excludes the Gold filled 'Insignia'. 

Although the Parker Lady is not a particularly rare vintage pen, mainly due to its success in the global market, it is nevertheless very difficult to find a boxed set in such excellent condition.