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Parker Lady Standard in Black

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The Parker Lady Standard, introduced in 1968, was the last version of the Lady.  It is distinguished from the two earlier models by the slightly longer, slimmer barrel, terminal cap band, and Parker 45 style clip. It is also the only Parker Lady to feature a Gold filled, grooved clutch ring.

The pen is in excellent condition throughout and shows little sign of use.  The original 'pli-glas' ink sac is unstained, it has a deep shine and bright Gold filling to the clip and terminal cap band.  The band extends into inside the lip of the cap, relieving pressure and preventing cracking of the cap lip.

The Parker Lady is a small pen but is perfectly comfortable in use with the cap posted.  It has a 14Ct. Gold nib, a feature which was soon to be abandoned in all but the most expensive Parker models.

Due to the high build quality and popularity of the Lady, there are still reasonable numbers of 'survivors' but a Lady Standard in such good condition is becoming increasingly difficult to find.