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Parker New Slimfold GT.

Regular price £47.50

The Parker New Slimfold was introduced in 1971 and discontinued in 1975, a relatively short production run.  The guarantee for this fine example is dated 1973.

The pen is in mint, unused condition throughout.  It is presented in the original box along with the guarantee/instruction leaflet and a new Parker ink cartridge.

The G.T. (Gold Trim) version came as a standard G.T and an upgraded version, this pen, with a Gold filled end stud on the barrel.  The pen also features a 14Ct.Gold nib, in this case with a fine point.

The short production run, poor sales, and the fact that this is the top of the range and therefore most expensive version combine to make this pen quite uncommon.  An immaculate, boxed example with origina paperwork, such as this, comes along very infrequently.