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Parker New Slimfold in Blue.

Regular price £27.50

The Parker 'New Slimfold', introduced in 1971, owed much more to the Parker 45 than its old namesake.  The clip, nib, and feed assembly was taken directly from the 45 but a screw cap was added.  The New Slimfold is often referred to as a 'screw cap 45', so strong is the similarity.

This pen is a fine example of the Parker New Slimfold.  It is finished in Blue with a polished Chrome cap ring, clip, and cap stud.  It is a medium sized cartridge/ converter filler with a screw fit cap and a 14Ct. Gold nib which writes with a very smooth medium line, perhaps a little on the broad side.

The pen has been dismantled, not a long job, and thoroughly cleaned.  It is in excellent general condition but is offered at a reduced price because of a dentition mark at the very end of the barrel.

As Parker ceased production of the Slimfold in 1975 the New Slimfold had a relatively short production run and was not sold in large numbers, it is not a common model.