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Parker Pastel 1st. Generation. 1926.

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The Parker Pastel first appeared, in 1926, in solid colours with a single raised cap band, as in this pen.  In early 1927 the band was replaced with two bands infilled with black and a moire effect was added.  The 1st. generation pen had a very short production run, always a good sign for collectors. 

The pen is a ring top, originally designed to be attached to a chatelaine, worn on a belt, carrying a pen, scissors, keys etc.  By the 1920s these were less common but the ring top remained for some time.

At 111mm. capped and 138mm. posted, without the ring, it is a small pen but is perfectly comfortable in the posted configuaration.  It is very much a scaled down Duofold in appearence.

Finished in Coral, the pen has an excellent surface and clear barrel imprint:

                                  Geo. S. Parker   Lucky Curve  Fountain Pen

Janesville. Wis.                             U.S.A. Pat.4-25-11
The 'Lucky Curve',imprinted in a 'banner' refers to the nib and feed.  Later models didnot  have the Lucky Curve nib.

The pen has been fully restored and tested, it is in outstanding, near mint condition throughout.  The original pressure bar, which consists of three hinged pieces, was found to be in good condition and was retained, although the ink sac had hardened with age and was replaced.  The ink sac is the only component of the pen that was not present when the pen was made almost a hundred years ago.
The nib, which bears the imprint:          Parker
                                                        Lucky Curve
is straight and well aligned with the 'xmas tree' feed, it writes with a smooth and consistent firm, fine line.
The tassel came to me with the pen, I think it may have been there for quite a while. The photographs show the pen adorned and unadorned.  I'll include the tassel, it does seem to suit the pen quite well.

Any Parker Pastel is a very uncommon pen, but a first generation pen in such outstanding condition really is extremely hard to find, partly because of the very short production run.  This pen is clearly of collectable quality but perhaps such a practical and attractive pen should be used and shown off!