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Parker Premier set. Mint condition, original packing, Silver plated 'Grain d' Orge'.

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The Parker Premier was introduced in September 1983 as the 61, 65, 85, and 105 were discontinued.  Made in Meru, France, the Premier has some obvious similarities to the 75 but it is more lavishly appointed and sits at the very top o the range.


Longer and wider than the 75, the Premier also has an 1`8Ct. Gold nib, a faceted cap band and end caps fitted with black onyx jewels at the barrel ends.  This set has a Silver plated 'Grain d'Orge (barley grain) finish with 118Ct. Gold filled trim.


The set, comprising ountain and ballpoint pens, is in fabulous condition, it may well be unused.  The original packing is intact including outer box, marked with content details, and a plush presentation case containing the pens, unused cartridges, ink converter, a suede pen pouch, nib adjuster, and instruction manual.  Each pen carries a plastic tag marked 'Parker Silver plated', in English on one side and French on the other.


The manual carries a certiicate of quality with a signed nib and final inspection.  The back inside cover is the 'Parker worldwide warranty' giving the date of purchase, 3rd August 1987, dealer details, and the serial number.  It is very unusual to find a pen with such a complete provenance.