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Parker 51 Vacumatic in Cedar Blue. 1947.

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The Parker 51 Vacumatic, often referred to as the Mk. 1., was introduced in 1941.  It originally carried  featured a clip carrying a 'Blue Diamond', as a lifetime guarantee', but in 1947 the American government banned this type of guarantee. 

Parker used the remaining clips without painting the diamond in blue, during 1947, and discontinued the Mk.1 at the end of 1947.  This pen has the diamond clip with no trace of blue paint, dating it to 1947.

The pen has been fully restored and tested, it is in excellent working condition. The Cedar blue 'Lucite' is bright and lustrous, the cap is ding free, and the clip is similarly pristine.  The blind cap is an allmost seamless fit to the barrel.

The vacumatic filling system works well and is easily operated using one hand.  The 14 Ct. Gold nib writes with a super smooth line, a little on the fine side of medium.  The hooded design precludes flexibility, but Parker still managed to produce nibs with a pleasing 'soft' feel, the pen is a very comfortable and 'easy' writer.

Marketed as ‘the world’s most wanted pen’ the Parker 51 set new standards in terms of quality, design and innovation.  Over eighty years later this pen would still serve as an excellent daily vintage writer with a great deal of prestige.