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Parker Vacumatic Junior Lockdown. 1937.

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The Parker Vacumatic was introduced in 1932, the early versions had the 'lockdown' filler, as in this pen, which was superceded by the 'speedline' filler in 1937.  This example has a date stamp '27', for the second quarter of 1937.

The pen, made in Canada, can be identified as a 'Junior' by it's size and the fact that it has two cap bands and a single colour 14 Ct. Gold Vacumatic nib.

The pen has been fully restored, cleaned and tested.  With a new diaphragm, the Lockdown filling system works very well, instructions for use will be included with the pen.

The 14 Ct. Gold nib is a handsome, large size affair that is clearly stamped as a Vacumatic nib.  It has a fine point and writes with a very smooth medium line with a pleasant 'soft' feel, unusual in fine nibs.

Made in 'Opaque Black' the pen is in very good condition, although the 'jewel' on the barrel is chipped.  It has a good surface and the Gold filling has held up very well.  The clip cowl is stamped:

                                                      'Regd. no. 784404' 

and the barrel imprint reads:

                       'Made in Canada. Parker Vacumatic. Pat No. 318988. 27' Reg. TM's.'

With a capped length of 12.4 cm, 14.7cm. posted, and a cap diameter of 1.4 cm., the Vacumatic Junior is a comfortable 'chunky' pen with a well balanced, high quality feel.  These early, twin jewelled, lockdown Vacumatics are quite hard to find and very collectable, but sturdy and reliable enough to make a first class, every day vintage writer.