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Parker Vacumatic Major Pencil

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The Parker vacumatic was made, in the U.S.A., from1934 to 1948.  This Vacumatic pencil carries a date code'6.', for the 3rd. quarter of 1946.  

This is a long, slender pencil of Major size, 130mm.  It is in first class condition throughout, although the clip is very slightly loose.  It is a 'split arrow' clip, similar to the 'blue diamond' clip but made after legislation forced Parker to stop using the blue diamond on it's products.

The surface is excellent, it has a very deep shine and carries an imprint that reads:

'Geo, S. Parker PARKER- Made in U.S.A. 6.'

The pencil has a smooth rotary mechanism, rotate the cap to expel and retract the lead.

The pencil appears to have seen very little use, this is upported by the condition of the eraser.  I have not attempted to remove the eraser from the barrel as the pen is in it's 78th year and am reluctant to risk damage to the eraser.  Shaking the pencil suggests there are the original spare leads in the barrel. 

Full sized Parker Vacumatic pencils are quite difficult to find, one in such fine condition is something of a rarity, and a very collectable item.