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Parker Victory Mk.IV. 1949.

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The Parker Victory Mk.IV was made from 1948 to 1952.  This pen has a code for 1949.  It is an 'A.F' type, the letters denoting an aluminium filler button.

The pen has been fully and conservatively restored to function as it did over seventy years ago.  This involved a thorough cleaning and checking of all components and replacing the ink sac and filler bar.  The nib was not removed from the section as it is perfectly aligned and all channels had been cleaned of ink residue.  It is usually best to take this approach unless there is a reason to remove the nib.

The filling system works perfectly and takes up a good volume of ink.  The 14 Ct. Gold nib writes extremely well, laying down a smooth, consistent, medium line.  Although the nib is not flexible it still has the slightly 'soft' feel that parker managed to achieve with many of its 14Ct. Gold nibs.  It is a very 'easy' writer.

The pen is in very good vintage condition with some light usage marks, the surface is good and the Gold filling is unbrassed.  The barrel imprint is sharp and clear.