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Parker Victory Mk.V in Green. 1953.

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The Parker Victory Mk.V , the first of the U.K. aerometric Parkers, was made in Newhaven in 1953. This pen carries a 1953 date code so it is a first year pen. 

The Mk.V Victory was made in four colours, Black, Red, Blue, and Green, this pen.  It is, by far, the least common of the Victory colours, probably because of the belief that the colour was unlucky that was held by people of a superstitious nature at that time. 

The pen has been fully serviced and tested and is in excellent condition throughout.  It has a first class surface and an imprint including the number '3', for 1953.  The Gold filling to the clip and chevron decorated cap band is similarly pristine.

The filling system is a modified version of the 'aerometric' that had been used so successfully in the Parker 51.  A 'squeeze bar' arrangement, it is quick and easy to use.

The nib is the correct and original Parker 14Ct. no.10.  These nibs are usually quite firm but sometimes a flexible version turns up, as in this pen.  It delivers a medium line but flexes to give a wider line if a little pressure is applied on the downstroke, giving a variation in line width that can add character to the writing.  In the right hands it will produce very impressive results.

At 13.4 cm. capped and an impressive 15.6 cm when the cap is posted for use, the Victory V is a long and elegant pen.  Very good examples, particularly in this colour, and with the flex nib, are becoming quite collectable.