Parker Victory Mk. V. Set in Green.

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The Parker Victory, introduced in 1941, was the first pen to be made at the Parker Newhaven factory in England.  It was part of the Parker Duofold series of pens and went through a further four 'reincarnations, culminating in this pen, the victory Mk. V., which appeared in 1953.

The set, comprising a fountain pen and propelling pencil, has been fully serviced and tested and is in excellent condition throughout.  The Victory Mk. V. was made in the four standard Duofold Aerometric colours: red, black, blue, and green, with green, this set, being, by far, the least common of the colours.  This may well be because, at the time, the colour was associated with bad luck by those of a superstitious disposition and so sold less well than the 'luckier' colours.

The aerometric filling system, a modified version of that found in the Parker 51, is easy to use and works well.  the original pli-glass ink sac is only lightly stained and still allows the ink level to be viewed.  The 14Ct. Gold No. 10 nib writes with a smooth and consistent medium line.

The pencils has a rotary action, operated by turning the cap to extend and retract the lead.  the cap can be removed to reveal an eraser which is still present and intact but has hardened with age.  It is inadvisable to attempt to remove the eraser from the barrel as they are often brittle and prone to shearing off.  It is not necessary to remove the eraser as the pencil can be easily reloaded with lead from the nozzle end.

The box is brand new, it will serve well for transportation, protection, and display.