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Platignum hard rubber pen 1920s.

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This Platignum lever filler is one of the first of the brand.  In 1925 Mentmore announced the Platignum brand with the 'As good as Gold' slogan and in the same year introduced moulded plastic pens.  This one is constructed in hard rubber, confirmed by the 'sniff test', so it can be dated to around the mid 1920s.  It is a rare pen.

The pen is in immaculate, unused condition.  A new ink sac was fitted and the unstained condition of the removed, now petrified, sac suggests very strongly that the pen is uninked.  I have not inked the pen, I thought it best left in its original condition until it finds a new owner.

The 'Good as Gold' box is in clean, solid condition allthough there is the odd scuff on the edges.  The instruction leaflet is in similar condition.

The hard rubber (vulcanite) construction shows no discolouration, as is common with this material, suggesting that the pen has seen very little daylight, probably bought then left in its box for a century or so.  The imprint is very sharp and clear and the chrome plated trim shows no detrioraton.  The Platignum 'non corrodible' nib is, well, not corroded!

The end of the barrel is threaded to allow the cap to be securely poste giving the pen a most impressive 17.3 cm. (6 3/4 inches) posted length.

The lack of a Gold nib is an indicator that this was not a high end offering but otherwise it is a good quality and well engineered pen.  The age, condition, and packaging of the pen suggest that may well find a place in a collection of English lever fillers.