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Platignum Varsity Pressmatic in Yellow

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The Platignum Varsity Pressmatic was, as its name suggests, a 'student pen' and, as such was not a high priced item.  Nevertheless the pens needed to be reliable, easy to use, and require little maintenance.

Platignum moved to cartridge fillers in 1965, suggesting that this 'aerometric' type filler was produced prior to that date.  The pen is in excellent condition throughout and is finished in an outrageous 'banana yellow' with a brushed steel sleeve forming the cap.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  The Gold plated nib writes with a very smooth medium line, quite firm and robust. At 6 inches in length, when posted, it is a good sized and 'comfortable' pen.

Most Platignums (Platignae?) come into collectors hands as part of a 'joblot' of pens but I actively bought this on at a pen show, mainly because of the unusual colour.  I must admit to being pleasantly surprised when I tested the pens writing abiliy.  It really is a very good pen from that oint of view, it is smooth, consistent and doesn't skip, a very 'easy' writer.