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Platinum Pocket Pen. 18 Ct. Gold nib.

Regular price £50.00

The Platinum Pocket Pen was introduced, in Japan, shortly after Pilot produced the first pen of this type in 1963.  Platinum and Pilot had both been producing pens for over forty years by this time.

The pen is finished in black lacquer with Gold filled trim and an 18Ct Gold mainfold nib.  The lacquered surface is good but it has a 'fleabite' on the cap as shown and this is reflected in the price.  The Gold filling appears to have held up very well.

Platinum offered, at least, eight nib styles with the pen.  This one is extra fine and is stamped 'manifold', along with '18K', 'Platinum', and a globe motif with the letters 'SN'.  The initials are those of Syunchi Nakata, who started the company in 1919.  Manifold nibs are made from thick Gold sheet to give the rigidity needed for working with carbon paper and the precision for fine writing.  A glance at some Japanese lettering gives an idea of why an extra fine point might have been desirable for the home market.

Unlike other small pens, the pocket pen was designed to be very short when capped and long when posted.  this pen meets the brief well, it is 12cm. capped and a very respectable 15 cm. when posted for use.

The pen sits very comfortably in the hand and has a high quality feel.  It writes with a firm, smooth, extra fine line and has good ink flow.

There are conflicting reports about whether a converter is available 'off the shelf' for this pen, but modern short Platinum cartridges are readily available.

Pocket pens have experienced a resurgence of late, many new models commanding a hefty price tag.  A fifty odd year old original with an 18Ct. nib seems to be a great alternative.