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Rolled Silver Capped Parker 51

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The Parker 51 aerometric filling system was introduced in 1948.  The clip was shortened in 1951. This pen has the shorter clip but the rolled Silver cap is inscribed 'R.Silver'
which places it as an English made pen dating from 1952 or very close.

The pen is finished in Black, it has a superb finish with a deep shine and a clear imprint. It is an Aerometric filler, originally called 'Photo-fill' by Parker, a simple, efficient, and trouble free system.

The much sought after Rolled Silver cap has a Gold filled clip, it has a small depression on the side, as shown, but is otherwise in very good condition.

The pen has been carefully cleaned, checked and fully tested.  The aerometric filling system works well and takes up a good amount of ink.
The 14 Ct. Gold nib is a gem.  Parker 51s are well renowned for their writing ability and, as the nibs were largely hand made, there is some variability between individual nibs.  This onw writes with a wonderfully smooth line, perhaps a little on the broad side of medium, it is a pleasure to use.
The box is new and of high quality, such a fine pen deserves protection.  It will also serve well for transport and display.

At around seventy years old this is a remarkable top quality vintage pen, the rolled Silver cap and exceptional nib are a real bonus. The 51 is the first choice of many collectors as a daily user, it is totally reliable, stylish and very practical with a great deal of prestige.