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Sailor Professional Gear Mini. Mint.

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The Sailor Professional Gear Mini, although a 'pocket pen', is only slightly shorter than the full sized pen, when it is posted for use, and is of just the same ultra high quality.

The pen is as new, perfectly mint,  and comes with the original packing, a fitted ink converter, and two unopened ink cartridges.

It is a very solid, 'chunky' pen at 10.6 cm capped and 13.2 cm. posted, with a maximum diameter of 1.5 cm. and a weight of 17g.

The pen is constructed in honey coloured resin with Gold filled cap and barrel bands, and a contrasting dark blue section.  The Sailor 'anchor' on the cap stud also has gold filled highlights.  This is a first production model with a screw thread to post the cap, later pens did not have this feature.  An example of the attention to detail in a pen of such quality is that, if the clip is lined up with the nib before posting it will then tighten with one full turn resulting in perfect alignmment when in use.

The 14Ct. Gold nib is a firm, medium fine, it is stamped H-MF on the side.  The main embossing on the nib reads: '1911 14K  585 Sailor', along with the Sailor anchor.  The '1911' refers to the year of founding of the Sailor company.  'Founded 1911' is also engraved on the cap band.


The Sailor Professional Gear mini is a very attractive and tactile pen but it is, above all, the sheer quality and attention to detail that make it something rather special.