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Sampson Mordan Everpoint Pencil

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This Mordan Everpoint Pencil was made around 1932.  It is a  good sized, silver filled pencil with a rotary expel and manual retract mechanism.

There is a small dint in the end of the cap but, otherwise, the pencil is ding free and in excellent condition.  The knurled section is turned clockwise to extend the lead, which is pushed back as the section is turned anticlockwise.  The eraser is accessed by removing the end cap.

The pencil is clearly stamped as being made by Mordan, it is not hallmarked so, although there is no sign of brassing, it is assumed to be silver filled rather than solid silver.

Sampson Mordan was regarded as being at the very forefront of pencil manufacture for around a hundred years.  Mordan pencils are now extremely collectable.