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Sampson Mordan Victorian Silver Sliding Pencil

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Sampson Mordan pencils are of the highest quality and are now extremely collectable. 

This Silver sliding chatelaine pencil is in first class condition, showing no dings.  The engine turned decoration is still sharp and the sliding mechanism is smooth and precise.

The holder is 7cm. long when closed, and 11 cm. long with the pencil extended for use. 

The chatelaine, originally meaning 'mistress of a castle',  was a decoratve clasp worn on the belt which had several chains attached to carry useful items such as keys, thimbles, scissors and a pencil.  In Victorian times it became a device to show off the status of a woman in a wealthy household. 

Dating from around 1870, this item may well have seen some use, but the condition suggests that it was primarily a status item that was very well cared for.