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Selector 58 button filler. Netherlands, 1930s.

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Selector pens, along with the Crown brand, were trademarks for Bezembinder in Breda, Holland.  The company produced high quality button and piston fillers in the 1930s.

Finished in a very attractive marbled brown, this Selector 58 is a typical 1930s button filler.  It has a Gold filled cap band and a solid, not folded, Gold filled clip.  It has an in house Crown 14 Ct. Gold nib with a fine point.

The pen has been restored and tested and is in excellent working condition.  The marbled finish has a first class surface with a sharp imprint and the Gold filling has held up very well.

The filling system operates with a single push on the button and takes up a good volume of ink.  The pen writes with a consistent fine line and the gold nib has a slightly 'soft' feel with enough spring to offer a small amount of line variation.  It is a very 'easy' writer.

At 12 cm. capped the selector is a compact pen but, when posted, it is a very respectable 14.7 cm. in length and has a solid, well balanced feel.

Although the Selector is less well known than many of its contemporaries, it is a good quality, well made pen that is, at least, the equal of many of the more familiar brands.  It would make an unusual, and attractive, daily vintage writer.