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Sheaffer Admiral Snorkel

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The Sheaffer Admiral was among the first of the 'Snorkel' filling pens, introduced in 1952. 

This example, finished in black with Gold filled trim, has been fully disassembled and restored, including new seals.  It is in showroom condition throughout, the body of the pen is unmarked and the Gold filling is similarly pristine.  The barrel imprint is very crisp and clear, identifying the pen as of Australian origin.

The 14Ct. Gold Sheaffer No. 5 nib is perfectly straight and well aligned. It writes with a very smooth and consistent firm, medium line.

The box and instruction leaflet have seen better days but they are original to the pen and ahould be kept with it.

 At 14.3 cm. posted and an inmptressive 16cm. in length when posted for use, the Sheaffer Admiral is a very long, slender, and elegant pen with stylish good looks.