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Sheaffer Balance 3-25. 1930s

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The Sheaffer Balance was introduced in 1929, the shape of the clip shows that this is an early version dating to c.1931.  The Balance 3-25 was produced in two lengths and two widths, this pen is the full length, slender model.

The pen is finished in 'Jet Black' with  a Gold filled clip, lever, and cap band.  The Gold trim has held upextremely well and the black body has a deep shine with just light usage marks.

A new ink sac was fitted during restoration, the filling system works very well, taking up a good volume of ink with a single operation of the filling lever.

The nib, made from 14Ct. Gold, is stamped:

Made in Canada

It writes with a smooth, medium line with a 'soft' feel, it is a very easy writer.

At 13.8 cm. capped and 15.5 cm, posted, it is a long and elegant pen with a very comfortable feel. 

The name 'Balance' was used because the streamlined design allows a weight distribution which places the balance point at the centre of the capped pen.  Lightness and comfort were major considerations at a time when fountain pens were intended to be used for extended periods of time.

Although the Sheaffer Balance 3-25 is a very collectable pen its reliabilty, writing characteristics, and ease of use make it a good contender as an every day vintage writer.