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Sheaffer Balance 3 in Striated Brown. 1930s.

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The Sheaffer Balance was introduced in 1929, and discontinued about 11 years later.  The 'Vaccuum' filling system, as in this pen, was added in 1935.

The pen is finished in 'Striated Brown' with  a Gold filled clip and cap band.  The Gold trim has held upextremely well and the body has a deep shine and a clear imprint.

The filling system has been overhauled, and works well, taking up a good volume of ink in a single operation.  The filler button is slightly off centre but it is firmly attached to the rod and tightens securely.

The nib, made from 14Ct. Gold, is stamped:

Made in U.S.A.

It writes with an extra fine line, well suited to someone with a small 'hand' or for more detailed work.

At 12.5cm. capped and14.4 cm posted for use it is one of the smaller Balance models but is very comfortable in use.

The name 'Balance' was used because the streamlined design allows a weight distribution which places the balance point at the centre of the capped pen.  Lightness and comfort were major considerations at a time when fountain pens were intended to be used for extended periods of time.

Although the Sheaffer Balance 3 is a very collectable pen, its reliabilty, writing characteristics, and ease of use make it a good contender as an every day vintage writer.  It is a strkingly attractive vintage pen.