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Sheaffer Balance Lifetime. c.1936.

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The Sheaffer Balance pen range was introduced in 1929, its ultra streamlined shape being a response to public demand for more fashionable and modern looking pens.  At the top of the range were the Lifetime pens, these were extremely expensive but carried a lifetime guarantee for the first owner and were very successful.

This pen is a small Balance Lifetime lever filler, the clip, with a flattened ball at the end, is now known as a 'radius' clip and helps date the pen to 1935/6.

I have referred to the pen as a 'Lady' in the writing sample but this is incorrect, it was never known as such.  Sheaffer did make a Lady later, but it wasn't a Lifetime pen, didn't carry the Sheaffer 'White Dot' mark of quality, had a chrome trim and was considerably chepaer than this pen.  The White Dot was reserved for pen retailing above a certain price.

The pen has been fully restored and teated, it is in excellent, working condition.  It is a lever filler, Sheaffer were the first to patent this system in 1908. 

Constructed in black 'Radite', an early celluloid material which Sheaffer optimistically advertised as 'indestructable', the pen has a good, deep shine, with only light capping marks,  and a clear imprint with equally bright Gold filling.  The cap is a smooth screw fit, tightening securely with one and a half turns.

The Lifetime nib is a hadsome two tone affair, the effect is achieved by a Platinum mask over 14 Ct. Gold. it writes with a smooth, firm, fine line.

When capped, the pen is a compact 12.2cm. in length but, when posted it grows to a very respectable and comfortable 14.7 cm.  An important consideration, at a time when pens were used for extended periods of writing, was that the pen should be light in weight.  Despite it's solid feel and construction this Balance meets that aim well at 12g. 

The Sheaffer Balance Lifetime pens are very collectable.  The small pens sold less well than larger ones so are now much harder to  find, particularly in such fine condition.