Sheaffer Cadet 23 in Sage Green. 1961.

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The Sheaffer Cadet 23 was introduced in 1961 as an upgrade to the standard Sheaffer Cadet.  It only remained in production for about a year so is quite a rare pen.

The main difference between the 'standard' cadet and the '23' is that, while the standard had a steel nib the 23 features a 14Ct. gold nib, marked 23, gold filling was also added  to the trim.  The inclusion of a solid gold nib would have meant a significant price difference.

The pen was made in the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia, this is an Australian pen.  It has been restored and tested and is in excellent working  condition.  The gold filling is a little thin in parts but the bodywork of the pen is in 'showroom' condition, the colour is quite  striking.

A 'touchdown' filler, this model also featured a 'tip-dip' arrangement which consists of an aperture in the tip of the feed to allow the pen to be filled by immersing just the tip in ink, hence the name.  The touchdown filling system operated by one stroke of the plunger.

At 13.4cm. capped and 14.9 cm. when posted for use, the Cadet 23 is a good sized and well balanced pen with a good quality feel.  It writes with a firm, fine line, ideally suited to someone with a small 'hand' or fore more detailed work.

The box is brand new, it will swerve well for transportation, protection, and display.

Because of the very short production run the Sheaffer Cadet 23 was not sold in great numbers and is now hard to find, particularly in such good condition.  The 'Sage Green' colour Sheaffers also appear to have become a favourite with collectors.