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Sheaffer Cadet 23 Touchdown 'tip dip'. 1961

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The Sheaffer Cadet 23 was introduced in 1961 as an upgrade to the Cadet.  It was discontinued after year, a very short production run.

The Cadet 23, unlike the 'standard' has 14Ct Gold nib and trim in addition to a 'tip dip' variation on the Touchdown filler system.  This allows the pen to be filled by dipping only the tip of the nib in the ink, much less messy than conventional systems and less elaborate than the Snorkel system.

Finished in a deep maroon, the pen is in totally mint condition, it could well have been uninked but I thought it best to test it before listing, it is, after all, over sixty years old.  The filling system is in good order and the 14 Ct. Gold '23' nib is really rather special in that it has a very pleasing flex.  this is most unusual in Sheaffer pens.  It is stamped: 'Sheaffer's, Australia, 14K, 23'.

As the pen was only made for a year and did not sell particularly well the sheaffer Cadet 23 is an uncommon pen.  One in mint, unused condition, such as this is quite a rarity.