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Sheaffer Cadet 23 Touchdown . 1961

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The Sheaffer Cadet 23 was introduced in 1961 as an upgrade to the 'standard' Cadet.  It was discontinued after year, a very short production run, which is always a good sign for pen collectors.

The Cadet 23, unlike the 'standard', has a 14Ct Gold nib and Gold filled trim.  The 'Touchdown' filling system is very clean and easy to use ,it operates by a single downward press on a long plunger.

Finished in black, the pen is in excellent condition. It has been fully restored, including new ink sac and seals, and is in good working order.  The 14Ct.Gold nib is stamped

'Sheaffer's, 23. 14K'

It writes with a smooth medium line with a pleasing 'soft' feel.  It has good ink flow and writes with very little pressure, a very comfortable and 'easy' writer.

As the pen was only made for a year and did not sell particularly well, the Sheaffer Cadet 23 is not a common pen, by any means.  A Cadet 23 in excellent, fully restored condition, such as this pen, is something of a rarity.