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Sheaffer Fineline in Green

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The Sheaffer Fineline, made in the U.S.A. by the Sheaffer 'Fineline Division', was introduced in 1948 and continued into the 1950s.

At 13.5 cm. capped and a very impressive 15.7 cm. when posted for use, the Fineline is a good sized, 'torpedo' shaped lever filler with a very simillar profile to the 1930s Sheaffer Balance.

The pen is finished in green with chrome plated lever, cap band, and clip, which has the name 'Fineline' imprinted in script.  The pen has an excellent surface and a very clear imprint which reads: 

Made in U.S.A by the
Fineline division
W.A. Sheaffer Pen company

The pen has been fully serviced, including a new ink sac, cleaned and tested.  The lever filling system works well, taking up a good volume of ink.  The nib, imprinted:
'Fineline. Made in U.S.A.'
is supported by a deep ribbed feed, the nib / feed assembly is a screw in design.  It writes well, providing a smooth, medium line with virtually no pressure.  It is a very comfortable and 'easy' writer.
The Sheaffer fineline is not a common pen by any means and one in such excellent condition turns up quite rarely.  This pen is of collectable quality but would also make a first class vintage daily writer.