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Sheaffer Fountain pen/ pencil set. Mint, boxed.

Regular price £55.00

This unused Sheaffer set is an early cartridge filler, probably from the 1950s.  It carries the early 'Sheaffer'S logo, the 'S' was dropped around 1960.  

The set is in mint condition and presented in its original box, also pristine.  The prices, which would have rapidly disappeared with use are still clear and sharp.

The nib is the inlaid 'finger nail' type, with a medium point, gold coloured, probably plated.  The caps also have a Gold plated finish.

I must admit that, to date, I have not been able to locate an identical set, the design and Gold plated caps suggest it isn't a 'school pen' although the prices are comparatively modest.  I suspect it may well be a precursor of the Sheaffer Lady line.

Given the outstanding condition and completeness of the set it could well be of interest to a Sheaffer collector, although it would also make a very good every day vintage writer.