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Sheaffer Imperial 440 XG in Black

Regular price £65.00

The Sheaffer Imperial 440XG is an upgraded version of the 440, made in the late 1960s to early 1970s.  This is a near mint example in black, perhaps one of a batch of new old stock pens that became available a short while ago.

The pen is a cartridge/converter filler, it is fitted with the original Sheaffer converter and will accept modern Sheaffer cartridges.

The nib is a 14Ct. Gold inlaid short diamond design, sometimes referred to as a 'V' nib.  It is clearly stamped:

 'Sheaffer. 585. 14K. U.S.A.'

The cap is brushed stainless steel with a Gold filled sprung clip which carries the Sheaffer 'White Dot' mark of quality.  This was reserved for pens that retailed above a threshold price.

The pen body is pristine, it has an excellent surface and a clear imprint: 

'Sheaffer - Made in U.S.A.' 

The box is new, it is of very high quality and will serve well for protection, transport, and display.  It suits the pen very well.

At 13 cm. capped and 14.5 cm. posted for use, the 440XG is a full sized pen with a high quality look and feel.  It is one of the less common of the Imperial style pens and is becoming quite collectable.