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Sheaffer Imperial 797 Ballpoint.

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The Sheaffer Imperial 797 was a Gold filled, lined pen produced in the 1970s. 

This 797 ballpoint pen may have originally been part of a set, although a good number were apparently sold individually.

At 13.5 cm. in length with the point extended, it is a good sized, slim pen featuring the Sheaffer 'reminder clip'.  This is a very useful device which keeps the clip closed when the point is exposed so it is not possible to risk marking a shirt by putting the pen in the pocket.  The point is extended by pressing the bottom of the clip, and retracted by pressing the clip top.

The pen is in good condition with light usage marks.  There is a very small dint in the very end of the cap but otherwise the pen is ding free and in good working order.  It carries the Sheaffer 'White Dot' mark of quality.