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Sheaffer Imperial I in Grey.

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The Sheaffer Imperial I was not known as an Imperial when it was launched in 1961, the name appeared with the next model, this is the first of the line.  The pen was only made in 1961 and 1962, a very short production run.  It was offered as a Touchdown and a cartridge filler, this pen uses a cartridge, two new ones will be suppled with the pen. 

The pen is finished in light Grey with Gold filled trim and is in excellent condition throughout with only light usage marks.  The cap, a push fit, carries a Gold filled clip with the name 'Sheaffer'S' stamped longitudinally.  The last 'S' in the name was dropped by Sheaffer in 1964 so any pen with the 'Sheaffer'S' logo predates 1964.

The inset nib was offered in 14Ct. Gold, unmarked, or Gold plated, this one looks, and feels, like Gold.  It is a great 'easy' writer, laying down a very smooth, firm, medium line.

Sheaffer Imperials come in a huge range of finishes with different nib styles and materials.  This pen is the first Imperial, it must have had a promising, if short, production run as the company invested heavily in rushing new variants to the market. 

This is an attractive and very practical pen that has stood the test of time, it would make an excellent every day writer.