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Sheaffer Imperial ll De Luxe FP/BP boxed set.

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The Sheaffer Imperial ll De Luxe is an early 1960s 'White Dot' Touchdown filling pen.  It was sold either on its own or with a matching ballpoint pen, as in this set.

In excellent condition throughout, the set has been fully serviced and tested.  The fountain pen was fiitted with new seals to the filling system and a new refill was fitted to the ballpoint.  The set is presented in the original case, the recesses match the shape and size of the pens perfectly.

The Touchdown filling system is working well, filling with just one operation of the plunger.  The conical nib is made from Palladium Silver, essentially a Sterling silver nib with a little Palladium added to increase strength.  It writes with a smooth, fine line, a very comfortable and easy writer. 

The ballpoint features the patented Sheaffer 'reminder clip', a device which prevents the pen from being clipped into a pocket when the point is exposed.  This was considered an important innovation at a time when pens were likely to be used regularly throughout the day.

 The Sheaffer Imperial ll De Luxe was one of the few early Imperials to carry the 'White Dot' sign of quality, used only on pens that sold at above a certain price.  A high quality and attractive pen with preformance to match, it would make a very good vintage every day writer.