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Sheaffer Imperial ll De Luxe Touchdown

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The Sheaffer Imperial was made in a bewildering variety of versions, all sharing the same distictive shape.  This pen is a Sheaffer Imperial II De Luxe Touchdown, a 'white dot' Imperial, made around 1960.

The pen has been fully serviced and is in excellent condition.  The 'Touchdown' filling system has been fitted with new seals and ink sac, it is efficient and easy to use, filling the pen with one swift downstroke of the plunger. 

The two tone 'short Triumph' nib, stamped 'Sheaffer Made in U.S.A.' is made from unmarked Palladium Silver, Stering Silver with a little Palladium added, and has the characteristic upturned point.  This was designed to allow a better contact with the paper over a larger range of angles.  It writes with a very smooth medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.  Very little pressure is required so the pen is an 'easy' writer, well suired for extended periods of use.

The black surface is excellent and has a good shine.  The clip is polished chrome and carries a lightly bruised 'white dot' sign of quality.  The metal cap has no dings or other blemishes.  The inner cap is designed so that, when it is posted on the end of the pen, the cap ring does not touch the barrel, thus preventing scratching of the surface.

The hard plastic display box is in pristine condition and may well be the original box for the pen.

The Sheaffer Imperial ll De Luxe is a very comfortable and practical vintage fountain pen, it would make an excellent daily writer.