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Sheaffer Imperial lll in Burgundy

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The Sheaffer Imperial lll was the first of the Imperial line.  Introduced in 1961, it was a renamed Sheaffer Target, the two pens are indistinguishable.

Looking very much like a scaled down Sheaffer PFM, the Imperial lll is also a touchdown filler but without the snorkel.  Although the pen shows no signs of use the filling system has been overhauled as the rubber seals harden with age.  It is very efficient andeasy to use, filling on one downward stroke of the plunger.

The 2 tone 'short Triumph' nib is stamped 'Sheaffer'S' Made in U.S.A.', the nib is constructed in Palladium Sliver, the two tone effect bein obtained using a Gold mask. 

At 13.5cm. capped and 14.5 cm. posted it is a good sized, well proportioned pen.  The cap is a smooth push fit, it posts securely on the end of the barrel.

The pen surface is unmarked and has a clear 'Sheaffer'S' imprint around the barrel. The Gold filling on the clip and 7mm. wide cap band is similarly pristine. 

The box is also in immaculate condition, inside and out.  The recess in the tray is exactly the same proportions as the pen, strongly suggesting it is original.  It is entirely possible that the pen is unused, although it has been inked, once, for testing purposes.

At over sixty years old, the Sheaffer Imperial lll, in this condition, is a very attractive and practical vintage writer.