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Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign

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The Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign cartridge/converter filler was introduced in 1973 and phased out as the Sheaffer Targa range was launched in 1976.  This is a relatively short production run, always a good thing for collectors.

The pen is in super condition throughout.  The deep cut diamond surface reflects the light in an interesting manner, the individual facets catching the light at different angles giving subtly changing colours.  It is a jewel of a pen that sat at the top of the Imperial range at the time.

The 'inlaid diamond' nib is 14 Ct. Gold and is the original 'long' design, it was shortened in most of the later Imperials.  It writes with a smooth, fine line.

The pen is a cartridge/converter filler, it is fitted with the original Sheaffer 'push button' converter but also accepts Sheaffer ink cartridges which are readily available.

The Sovereign is a very tactile item, it has a solid, chunky feel and it is difficult to resist the temptation to turn it in the hand to see the remarkable effects of the light reflecting on the diamonds.  It is a very collectable pen.