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Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign Pen/Pencil Set.

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The Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign cartridge/converter filler was introduced in 1973 and phased out as the Sheaffer Targa range was launched in 1976.

This set, comprising a fountain pen and mechanical pencil is in super condition throughout and shows little sign of use.  The deep cut diamond surface reflects the light in an interesting manner, the individual facets catching the light at different angles giving subtly changing colours.  It is a jewel of a pen that sat at the top of the Imperial range at the time.

The pencil has a rotary mechanism, operated by turning the cap to extend and retract the lead.  The mechanism is smooth, removing the cap reveals an unused eraser.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  It is fitted with the original 'push button' Sheaffer ink converter, itself quite a rare item.  The filler works well and the 14 Ct. Gold inlaid diamond nib wties with a smooth, medium line.

The high quality Sheaffer box is in pristine condition. 

The Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign is a large, extremely opulent pen with a great deal of character.  Although this set is clearly of collectable quality it is a very practical set that would make a great daily user.  Or you could just keep it for looking at!