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Sheaffer Intrigue 616 triple set.

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The Sheaffer Intrigue was released in 2000, this version, the 616 in chrome and gun metal finish, was made in 2002. It was a top of the range set, very expensive, and was only made for less than two years so they are extremely hard to come by.

The Sheaffer Intrigue, marketed as the 'Born in fire' collection is a revolutionary design both in form and function. This model is constructed in polished Chrome and Gunmetal sections linked in a very intricate and eye catching design. A chunky, (fat) pen, it has a design incorporating curves and diagonals which show the two metals off to great effect. The nib is a White Gold inset with a fine point, a great writer.

The filling system is, I believe, unique. It consists of a 'captive' ink converter enclosed in a sliding carriage that can be operated without removing the barrel to get at it. The small button on the end of the barrel is pulled out slightly and then can be used in the same way as a conventional piston filler. The converter can be removed from the tray and a cartridge inserted in its place. The whole thing is quite complex but it works perfectly, much more practical than a conventional cartridge/converter arrangement.

A Ballpoint pen and a pencil complete the trio, each is pristine and fully functional. The design mirrors that of the fountain pen. The trio is presented in the original case which also contains two tubes of pencil leads, four ink cartridges, an instruction manual, and the guarantee.

The Sheaffer Intrigue fountain pen is an extremely high quality and unique feat of engineering and, along with the supporting cast of ballpoint and pencil it is certainly a pen to 'make a statement'.


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