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Sheaffer Lady 620 Fountain Pen.

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The Sheaffer Lady 620 was produced, in the U.S.A., during the late sixties and early seventies. It is the top of the range of the Sheaffer Lady model. This is a super example in excellent condition throughout, it must have been used sparingly.

              The pen is of brushed steel construction with a Chrome plated clip which carries the Sheaffer 'white Dot' mark of quality.  The cap is finished with an ornate 'Florentine' cap band in polished Chrome and has an inset 'Stylpoint' nib with a broad to medium point.  It is a very good writer, it delivers a firm, fine line. 

 Despite its name, at 14.5 cm. posted for use the 620 is not a particularly small pen and is very comfortable in the hand with an exceptionally solid feel, it is a great writer and a pleasure to use.