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Sheaffer PFM (Pen for Men) 3. Fully restored.

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The Sheaffer PFM 3 was made from 1959 to 1968, it did not sell well and is now highly collectable.  

This is a fine example of the 'Pen for Men', it has been fully restored, including new seals, and the snorkel filling system now works very well.  It features a large inlaid 14Ct.Gold nib and Gold filled clip and wide cap band.

A very large and substantial pen, it is finished in blue, a less common colour that really suits such an imposing pen.  The surface is excellent, as is the Gold trim.  The pen is in outstanding condition throughout.

The box is brand new but is probably better suited to the pen than the original, which was a quite plain cardboard affair.

The snorkel filling system is comparitively complicated but when it works as it should, as in this pen, it is superb.  A turn on the end cap extends the snorkel and, with only the tube inserted into the ink, the pen fills with one stroke of the plunger.

The spectacular 14 Ct. Gold inlaid nib made it's debut with the 'Pen for Men' in 1959 and became a huge success on this pen and subsequent models.  This one has a fine point, it writes with a firm and consistent fine line.    

It must be acknowledged that the name of the pen could be questioned now, but it was introduced when there were already many 'ladies' pens produced by the leading manufacturers, including Sheaffer. 

The Sheaffer PFM is not a common pen by any means and one in such fine condition comes along quite rarely.  It is certainly a pen that makes a statement.