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Sheaffer PFM V in Blue. c.1959.

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The Sheaffer PFM (Pen for Men) was introduced, in 1959, in five trim levels.  The PFM 5 was the top of the range, it was over twice the price of a PFM 1.

Recognisable by the Gold filled cap and blind cap end plate, the PFM 5 underwent a slight change shortly after introduction.  Initially the cap featured two grooves that extended to the top of the cap at each 'corner'.  Shortly after introduction this arrangement changed, these groove extensions were removed and the main body of grooves made shorter.  This Australian made  example has the early 'type 1' cap design so it can be dated c. 1959.

The pen is in absolutely first class condition throughout, virtually pristine  It is finished in a vibrant Blue which contrasts well with the Gold filled cap and end stud.  The clip is spring loaded and carries the Sheaffer 'white dot' mark of quality.  The inset diamond 14 Ct. Gold nib, which made it's debut with this pen, has a fine point.  

The Sheaffer presentation box is from a much later pen, but it suits the PFM quite well and is in good, clean condition.

A very large and 'chunky' pen, as its name suggests, this Sheaffer Pen for Men 5 is now much sought after and meets all the criteria for a high quality collectable pen: age, quality,  condition, and rarity.  It also writes extremely well and has an enormous 'presence'.