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Sheaffer Silver Imperial Touchdown set

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The Sheaffer Silver Imperial touchdown filler was introduced in 1970 and replaced with a cartridge/converter filler in 1973.

This is a mint, boxed set comprising a fountain pen and a ballpoint.  The fountain pen has an inlaid diamond 14Ct. Gold nib and 'Touchdown' filler system. 

The ballpoint features the 'reminder' clip to eliminate the possibility of accidentally ink staining a shirt or jacket.  Both pens are stamped 'Sterling Silver' along with the Sheaffer logo.  The gold filled clips carry the Sheaffer 'White Dot' symbol of quality.

The filling system has been totally overhauled with a new ink sac and all seals and gaskets, the old ones had deteriorated with age and lack of use.  The pen is now ready for many more years of good service.  The 14 Ct. gold inlaid diamond nib writes with a very smooth, medium line.  It is a very 'easy' writer.

The set is presented in the original luxury 'mock croc' case which is also in excellent condition.

The Silver Imperial was the top of the range pen, it was very expensive and so sold in limited numbers.  Along with a relatively short production run this meant that the pen was destined to become very collectable and is much sought after.  A mint Silver Imperial set in the original box comes along very rarely.