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Sheaffer Statesman Snorkel. c.1953.

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The Sheaffer Statesman was among the very first Snorkel models, introduced in 1952.  It was discontinued in1955, a relatively short production run.

The Snorkel is renowned as the most mechanically complex pen ever made, because of the innovative filling system.  This example has been fully diassembled, restored and tested, please see photograph before reassembly.  Written instructions on how to fill the pen will be included.

The pen is finished in 'Pastel Green' with Gold filled clip, carrying the Sheaffer 'White Dot' mark of quality, and broad cap band.  The barrel threads are metal and the threads on the cap are also metal, they are incorporated into the cap band.  This is a detail that must have been expensive to produce and is a sign of a high end pen.

The long 'Triumph' nib is made from Palladium/Silver.  This is similar to Sterling Silver but  the Copper is replaced by Palladium.  Palladium is about 80 times more expensive than Silver but the alloy does not tarnish in the way that Silver does, and is less soft.  It is often used in jewelery as an alternative to Platinum.

At 14.3 cm. capped and 16.2 cm. posted, the Staesman is an extremely long and elegant pen.  This, combined with the unusual colour, Gold trim, black gripping section and bright silver nib, make it a most strikingly attractive pen.

An australian made pen, it is in superb condition, only one very slight dimple on the barrel.  The box doesn't click shut but is very solid and clean.

The Sheaffer Statesman Snorkel was made for a relatively short time and, at around sevwnty years old, is quite collectble.  A fully retored pem in such great condition is not easy to find.