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Sheaffer Stylist 214 Boxed set.

Regular price £45.00

The Sheaffer Stylist 214, a cartridge/converter filler, was introduced around 1970 for a relatively short production run.

The set, comprising a fountain pen and ballpoint, is in excellent condition, It doesn't appear to have seen any use, but I did ink the pen for testing purposes, sometimes even new old stock pens don't write well.

This is not the case here, the pen is a superb writer, it delivers a very smooth and consistent medium line.  The pen is light and well balanced, it is extremely comfortable and easy to use.

The ballpoint operates using the Sheaffer 'reminder clip', it is deperessed to extend the point and, in this position it is not possible to attach the pen to a shirt pocket, you are 'reminded' that the ball is still exposed.  The refill was on it's last legs so i've replaced it with a new one.

The correct Sheaffer ink converter is fitted to the fountain pen and two ink cartridges are included in the packaging.

The set is presented in the original Sheaffer box, it shows a little fading on the inside but is in sound and solid condition.

For anyone looking for a practical and attractive vintage every day writing set that won't break the bank the Sheaffer Stylist 214 may suit very well.