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Sheaffer Targa Imperial Brass. Mint and boxed.

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The Sheaffer Targa Imperial Brass was introduced in 1986 as a high end, luxury Targa.  The pen was packaged accordingly with a brass case for the pen and a smaller one to accommodate the cartridges presented in a unique Imperial Brass case.

As it's name suggests, it is constructed in highly polished brass but has a deep laquered coating which protects and enhances the finish.  It is a full sized Targa, model number 1020.

This example is in totally mint condition and is probably unused.  The pen and the cases are completely ding free, the model sticker is in place and pristine, and the box is in sound condition.

A cartridge/converter filler, the pen features a 14Ct. Gold inset diamond nib with a fine point.  A converter, with an unstained ink sac, is fitted to the pen and the brass case contains four unused ink cartridges. 

Although the Sheaffer Targa was produced in a wide range of finishes only a very few, including the Imperial Brass, are cosidered to be highly collectable.  It is a much sought after, and 'significantly different' Targa.  Pristine examples, such as this, come along very rarely.