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Sheaffer TM Touchdown in Green

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The Sheaffer TM Touchdown was only made between 1949 and 1950, a short production run that is often an indicator of collectability.  The 'TM' stands for 'thin model', as opposed to the 'fat' model.

Finished in a colour that Sheaffer, somewhat clumsily, called 'Evergreen Green', the pen is a 'White Dot' pen, a designation reserved for pens towards the high end of the range, which retailed at higher prices. 

The surface is excellent and the imprint is clear.  The Gold filling on the cap band and clip are similarly pristine, as is the non slip grooving on the section.  

 The pen has been fully restored and tested. New seals were fitted to ensure the Touchdown filling system works as it should. It is very quick and easy to use, the pen fills on one downward stroke of the plunger.

The two tone nib is a large and very handsome affair, made from 14Ct. Gold with a Platinum mask to obtain the two tone effect.  It writes with a very smooth, firm, fine line.

At 13.5 cm. capped and 15.2cm. when the cap is posted on the barrel the TM is a good sized, elegant pen with a well  balanced and high quality feel.  The Sheaffer TM Touchdown in green is not a common pen by any means and is quite collectable.