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Silver Victorian Sliding Pencil Holder. H. Burnham. 1898.

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Harold A. Burnham, not to be confused with Harry Burnham, was a renowned maker of Silver writing equipoment in the late 19th. and early 20th. century.

This solid Silver sliding pencil holder is fully hallmarked with a date code for 1898 on the barrel and the ring is also hallmarked.  It is a simple, but well engineered and decorated item, designed to protect the pencil point and also any garments while suspended from a chatelaine clasp or watch chain.  Although perfectly functional these chatelaine pencils were also a sign df status for the mistress of a well to do Victorian household.

In excellent condition throughout, it has no dings, personalisation, or other visible blemishes and the slider has a smooth action.

Discounting the ring the holder is 7.4 cm. in length when closed and currently 9.7 cm. to the tip of the pencil when in use.

 At 125 years old, this is a true antique and is very collectable, it is unusual to find a chatelaine pencil in such outstanding condition.