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Summit S160 set in chased black.

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The Summit S160 was made, in Liverpool, from 1946, during the war years the factory was used to produce munitions.

At 13.5cm. capped and an impressive 16.1cm. posted the S160 is a long and elegant pen.  The matching pencil is 12.8cm. in length.

The engine turned pattern shows some wear on the pen barrel but has survived well on the cap and is still sharp and clear on the pencil.  The surface is in excellent condition and has a good shine.  The Gold filled clips, bearing the 'Summit' name, are in very good order.

The set has been restored and tested.  The pen has a new ink sac, fills well and the 14 Ct. Gold  Summit nib has a small but pleasing amout of flex, giving decent line variation.  The pencil operates by turning the cap to extend and retract the lead.

The box has been repaired and has seen better days but it is from the correst period, basic filling and care instructions are also included.

The Summit pen company can be traced back to the Kay & Co. pen company in 1895.  Subsequent name changes included Lang & Co. Ltd., Curzon, Lloyd & MacGregor Ltd., Curzons Ltd, and finally Summit Pens Ltd. in 1945.  Production ceased in 1954.

The Summit S160 was towards the top end of the Summit range and is a high quality, practical vintage pen wit a 100% English pedigree.  It is quite hard to find a perfectly original matched set in such good condition.