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Swan Safety Screw Cap

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The Swan Safety Screw Cap pen was in production from 1911 to 1918.  An eye dropper filler, it featured a screw cap with an inner sleeve that tightened against the flared end of the section to give an ink tight seal.

The pen is constructed in hard rubber with a chevron pattern and a wide 18 Ct. Gold cap band, it is stamped '18 Ct'.  The hard rubber has retained its black finish, indicating that the pen has not been exposed to light for much of its life. The pen carries multiple imprints identifying it as a Mabie Todd Swan product.  Mabie Todd must have been very aware of the importance of branding as every removable part carries an imprint.

The nib assembly was disassembled, on an old pen it is often wise to leave the nib in situ but as this is an eyedropper I thought it would be better to be certain that the channels in the feed were clear.

The pen is in excellent condition throughout.  The imprints are crisp and clear, the cap band is pristine, and there are no cracks or chips.  The cap is smooth fitting and secure and the nib performs very well.

At 13.5 cm. capped and an impressive 17cm. posted this is a long and elegant pen.  The very light weight was an important consideration at a time when the fountain pen was an essential tool which could be used for long periods without fatigue. The Swan is shown alongside a Parker 51, a good sized pen, to give an idea of it's proportions.

The 14 Ct. Gold No.2 nib has a medium point.  The nib writes with a smooth, firm , medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.

At over 100 years old this is a rare pen and is not recommended as an 'every day' writer to be carried around in a pocket or bag.  It is, however extremely 'usable' in that it still does what it was designed to do very well.  It is very tactile and comfortable in the hand and it is definitely a pen with character.